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Are you interested in getting involved in the world of Roller Derby?

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Once or twice a season we will hold recruitment events open to the public to give anyone interested an opportunity to try out roller skating, sign up for new skater training, and begin their journey into the exciting world of Roller Derby.

However even when we are not actively recruiting, there are still tons of ways to get involved.


Not big on the contact side of the sport?

We need Refs!

Refs are an integral part of our sport and are incredibly valuable. Without refs, our skaters would not be able to play their favorite sport!

Not big on having 8 wheels strapped to your feet?

We have a ton of Non-skating official (NSO) positions that are always needing an extra hand or two. Learn about the sport while keeping your feet flat on the ground!

Not quite ready to get involved, but looking for a way to support this growing sport?

We will host open skating where you and your family can come on in for a roller skate (Quads and blades welcome) for a small drop in fee. *Loaner gear available at very limited sizing*

Looking for something new for your kiddo to try out?

We have Junior teams! They are co-ed so boys and girls are both welcome! Some of the best Roller Derby athletes in the world started out as junior skaters!

Are you 'retired' but getting that derby itch again?

In the last couple of years derby has had some pretty big changes in game play and rules. Remember the dreaded 27/5? It's a thing of the past! Come back and check out how things have evolved. We can't wait to see you again!


If you would like more information please don't hesitate to contact us here, or visit us on social media to get in touch!


Keep an eye on our social media pages for announcements for games, open skating, and other events!

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