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Looking to join?

Here are some Frequently asked questions!

How much does it cost?

For the 2023-2024 season, fees are $50/mo.

Etransfer to Be sure to include skater name in the description! (Cash and Cheque also accepted)

You need to also buy liability insurance from Roller Derby Canada Services. It is $55 a year.

Equipment costs can vary anywhere between $300-$400 for safety gear and skates for starters. See our equipment page for more info on what to look for.

What if my budget is a little tight?

If you are looking to get your child into Roller Derby, you can apply for Kid's Sport Canada for assistance.

We may also be able to help under certain circumstances, so please feel free to reach out!

Can I buy used equipment?

Yes! There is a Facebook group called "Roller Derby Buy and Sell (Alberta-ish)" where people will post used gear for sale. Sometimes you can also find some on Kijiji.

Check in with us as we sometimes have skaters looking to sell old gear or parents looking to trade for new sizing.

I missed your recruitment event, can I still try out?

If you miss our intake, there's still ways to get involved.

If derby is something you are interested in, we will be happy to try to help where we can and encourage you to join us for our new skater recruitment next season!

If you (or your child) have a strong skating or sports background, we might be able to get you in sooner, please send us a message!

If you would like more information please don't hesitate to contact us here, or visit us on social media to get in touch!

I'd like to watch you play, how do I do that?

Keep an eye on our social media where we will announce any games we will be hosting. Expect games to generally be in the second half of our season, so in the winter/spring.

I don't think Roller Derby is for me, will you still teach me to skate?

We are happy to give anyone some help in learning how to skate. Anyone is welcome to join our new skater intake and learn the skating fundamentals. Once our initial skating lessons are completed, we do move on to more sport specific skills and gameplay. Check in with us to see if it's a good fit to have you continue joining in on practices.

Otherwise, keep an eye out for our open skates, we are happy to give tips to anyone looking for some extra help.


Private lessons are currently not available.

Do I have to attend every single practice?

No! We know people are busy and things happen so you may not be able to make it sometimes. However, that being said, we would really like to make sure that each skater is able to make it to practices on a somewhat regular basis. Derby is a very physical and technical sport, and practices ensure a level of consistency and safety. If you are having some issues with attendance please consult with your coach on the best steps moving forward.

Is your learn to skate program completely free?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a learn to skate program for free at this time, as we need to cover the costs of venue rental and other expenses.

There is a fee for the full month if you would like to participate in the learn to skate portion. After that, if you are not interested in Roller Derby, you are free to discontinue attending without any additional charges. (If you are renting equipment you will continue to be charged until the equipment is returned.)

You can always change your mind afterwards and stick around, but keep in mind there will be additional fees for the additional months.

What does a season typically look like?

Our seasons usually run from September until late spring or early summer. For 2023-2024 we are looking to begin in September and end in early to mid-May.

There will be games throughout the season, beginning in November. We will be aiming to host one game a month, with potentially some away games as well.


Keep an eye on our social media pages for announcements for games, open skating, and other events!

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