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So you wanna play Roller Derby!

But what kind of equipment do you need to get?

We're here to help!

Check out these resources below to get yourself setup with all the gear you need!


You'll be looking for Roller derby specific quad roller skates. These are a low ankle boot, so avoid the high top boot with a heel. Make sure you grab a skate with adjustable/removable toe stops! If you are new to skating, we recommend starting with an entry-level boot from a reputable Roller Derby skate shop.

Nerd Skates out of Calgary, AB offer a great variety of derby skates starting from $175.

Roller Girl also offers great derby skates available.

Bad Girlfriend Skates has New Skater Packages to choose from as well.


Your helmet needs to protect from concussions and other smaller impacts to your noggin. Make sure you are getting the right protection. A certified skateboarding helmet or hockey helmet are both suitable choices.

Boarding House in Medicine Hat has a wide selection of skating helmets.

Nerd Skates also carries a small selection

Source for Sports carries Hockey Helmets that are also suitable for Roller Derby.

See here for a great informational video from S One about proper helmet fit.


You will need a set of pads. Wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads with hard caps will be required. Try to avoid low profile pads, especially the knee pads, as they are meant to take a lot of falls.

Nerd Skates carries all protective gear and offers multi-packs on pads.

Roller Girl also carries pads and pad bundles

Boarding House in Medicine Hat has a small selection of pads and multi-packs


Last but not least, you will need a mouthguard suitable for contact sports. Mouthguards not only protect your teeth from impact, but are also part of concussion protection.

We recommend using a low profile mouldable mouthguard (such as the Sisu brand), as being able to talk during game play is important.

Nerd Skates offers Sisu brand mouthguards

Source for Sports carries a variety of mouthguards

SportChek also carries a variety of mouthguards

**Consider consulting your dentist for further guidance if you are unsure of which mouthguard is best for you.


Feel free to reach out to us here, or through our Facebook page if you have any other questions about gear!

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